Rali Mampeule was accepted at Harvard University to study an Advanced Management Development Program in Real Estate (AMDP) Class XIX for 2 years.

Rali will be joining the rest of the worldwide participants in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA on the 15 July 2018. Participants come from all over the world and reflect a variety of industry sectors connected to the built environment, all with experience of over 15 years in Real Estate.

To date participants from around the world in percentage where:

Africa 6%, Asia/Pacific 16%, Europe 7%, Middle East 9%,North America 58%   and South America 4%

“On receiving of the good news of my acceptance to Harvard University – I was so excited that I remembered me at my Primary school in the village where I studied for two years under a tree. With that in mind “I went ahead and donated to build a class room for my old primary school” said Rali

“Rali has been a Real Estate Entrepreneur for over 15 years” which industry we regulate, said Brian Chaplog CEO of the EAAB ,the South African Real Estate industry regulator in his letter of recommendation to Harvard for Rali Mampeule

“Rali often exhibited excellent leadership in the industry, volunteering to lead groups and runs the Rali
Mampeule Learnership initiative efficiently- which helps with “bringing new blood into the old vein” of the South African Real Estate industry” he added

Rali was born 22 December 1979 in a rural village of Modjadji , Limpopo Province,South Africa. He attended primary school in the village and moved to Johannesburg, Etwatwa (Daveyton) to complete his high school. He was accepted to study Bachelors of Business and Administration at the University of South Africa (Unisa). While studying he had an opportunity to meet with  a real estate agent in one of the suburbs of Johannesburg. They explained what the business was about and how anyone with a drive can participate in the property industry.

Bitten by the real estate bug, Rali went on to study at College of Property and Management (CPMD) and graduated with a certificate in Sectional Title Specialist.

He then worked as an assistant Estate Agent (Realtor) with Chas Everitt International Property Group, within a year Rali became a full qualified Estate Agent (Realtor) during that period he also completed his (CRS) designation (Certified Real Estate Specialist) from Ed Hatch Inc. (USA).

When Chas Everitt International Property Group decided to open a new franchise in Midrand, Rali bid for and won the franchise, making him the first black person in South Africa to own and operate an internationally acclaimed real estate franchise.

Rali has recently founded the South African Housing and infrastructure Fund (SAHIF) which helps previously disadvantaged property developers with funding for affordable housing in South Africa.

He also owns, Rali Properties, a South African privately property held investment, development and equity fund company, which has completed the acquisition of Waterfall Point office park in Waterfall, thus providing this black owned company with an earlier entry into the 323ha Waterfall City development project by Attacq that has a completion price tag of R71 billion with 11 years of development still remaining.  Rali Properties is the first black owned company to acquire a major office block in the Waterfall City and has aspirations of growing their property portfolio in the city.