Opportunities for black developers 

A property slump of 2008 has hit South African businesses hard, but created new emerging markets opportunities that the likes of Phadima Group Holdings are tapping into.   Phadima Group Holdings has become one of the major players in the mixed-use and integrated...

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The Power 40 Report – Destiny Man 2014

Destiny Man November issue 2014 - The Power of 40 report, in association with Bisquit Cognac, features 40 remarkable men under the age of 40 in a variety of fields from business and sport to politics and the arts. Rali CEO of Phadima Group Holdings featured in this...

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MONEYWEB: Bid to woo black estate agents

Foundation aims to bring historically disadvantaged groups into the market. In a bid to fast-track the entry of blacks in the estate agency industry, Rali Mampeule, the owner of the Chas Everitt International franchise, has set up a foundation aimed at offering...

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MONEYWEB: Black Young Lion strikes out alone

Black Young Lion strikes out alone ORIGINAL ARTICLE ON MONEYWEB Chas Everitt loses top black real estate principal, who has his eye on the international arena. Rali Mampeule, director of Phadima Group Holdings, has announced the sale of the Chas Everitt International...

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FIN24 – Tough for blacks in real estate

The black middle class may be propping up the residential property market, yet those raking in the money from the house trade remain almost entirely white. Much of the more than R10bn that the industry earns yearly in commissions ends up with a few family-owned...

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SOWETAN – An entrepreneur making waves

Rali Mampeule is 26-years-old. He owns his own Chas Everitt franchise and is racing forward in the property industry a little faster than his peers. He puts it down to raw ambition, having the right mentors and doing what he can to always change his environment. Rali...

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Entrepreneur Mag – Rali Mampeule

Phadima Group Holdings: Rali Mampeule When asked what he believes led to his award as the Nedbank Property Professional of the Year for 2006/2007, RaliMampeule, CEO of Phadima Group Holdings, mentions four things: “I have always tried to include leadership,...

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Destiny Man - Rali Mampeule

DESTINY MAN chats to award-winning property entrepreneur Rali Mampeule

Rali Mampeule is considered one of SA’s top black property entrepreneurs. In 2004, Limpopo-born Mampeule (34) acquired his own Chas Everitt International franchise based in Midrand. For his ground breaking acquisition, he was awarded the Nedbank Property Association Young Lion Award in 2005.

Destiny Man Rali Mampeule article


Rali Mampeule on black owned land Monday 11 August 2014

More than 19 million black South Africans own a home but do not have a legal title deed – this prevents them from getting further funding and tapping into their own wealth in order to create further development.

This skewed distribution of legally owned real estate installed under Apartheid government can now be challenged and dismantled.

Rali talks about the win-win for all concerned as this property wealth is used to fuel development.


200 Young South Africans 2014

Dated: JULY 25 – 31, 2015

As we congratulate the Mail&Guardian 200 Young South Africans 2014,a thought crossed my mind as to how we can help our country create job opportunities for our youth.

Currently black people are sitting on billions of rands’ worth of unregistered real estate in the former “homelands”. As a result of apartheid policies, many of SA’s citizens have become used to living outside of the formal land and property registration system and it does not occur to them to challenge the status quo. But this fact, together with the legacy of a skewed distribution of land ownership which until 1991 limited black South Africans (75% of the population) to only 13% of the land, has direct implications
for the country’s cadastral records.


Summons against the Greater Tzaneen Municipality for an amount of R36 746 937,04 has been issued and the case will be heard in the South Gauteng High Court (Johannesburg) on a date to be confirmed.

The plaintiff is Phadima Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd of Mr Rale (Ralebala Matome) Mampuele who would have developed the Aqua Park Security Estate (Avis Park Ext 53) next to Voortrekker Road on the way to the Tzaneen Dam.

Click to view the story. Bulletin Tzaneen