Rali Mampeule is 26-years-old. He owns his own Chas Everitt franchise and is racing forward in the property industry a little faster than his peers. He puts it down to raw ambition, having the right mentors and doing what he can to always change his environment.

Rali is the CEO of Phadima Group Holdings, a black-owned and managed investment holding company which he started in 2005. The company now has interests in financial services and property and also consults in the real estate industry.

“I started the company when I finished my studies. At first it was just me and I had to use consultants when making my decisions. Then I recruited one of the consultants, Sam Von Eck, to join me because we shared the same ideas,” says Rali.

Upon completing his bachelor of commerce degree through Unisa, Rali had been working as an estate agent for four years.

“If you start out as an entrepreneur and then you study to further develop yourself, you have a different outlook to other people,” Rali says.

He believes that most universities seem to gear students for the job market and not how to start your own business.

When Phadima was offered the option of buying the Midrand Chas Everitt franchise Rali jumped at the opportunity. He negotiated good terms with the property group and managed to pay off his debts within twelve-months.

“It wasn’t easy. What I’ve learned running my own business is that cash-flow problems are always a concern, especially in the real-estate business. You can do the work now, but you’ll only get paid in ninety days. This causes problems,” he said.

“When you own a business the end of the month is the worst time. It’s very stressful because I would pay my staff – so they were happy – but I couldn’t pay myself,” says Rali.

To get him through these rough patches, Rali approached people he knew and respected and asked them for advice. By taking their money-management tips as well as being frugal and disciplined he managed to ride out the first twelve months.

Now that the company is turning a profit, Rali has been able to concentrate on his role within the property industry at large. He says that he can’t stand being in one place for too long and so he needs to constantly find new challenges to keep him focused.

Courtesy of www.itsmybusiness.co.za


by Thomas McLachlan