Foundation aims to bring historically disadvantaged groups into the market.

In a bid to fast-track the entry of blacks in the estate agency industry, Rali Mampeule, the owner of the Chas Everitt International franchise, has set up a foundation aimed at offering learnership programmes to historically disadvantaged groups who want to venture into the real estate industry.

Mampeule says the industry holds bright promise for historically disadvantaged people who are willing to work hard. “In real estate you are rewarded directly for the effort you put into the job – you virtually write your own cheque,” says Mampeule.

According to Mampeule, the first intake of 50 students at the foundation is set for next month and the training will run for six months. “We are waiting for Seta accreditation for its training modules, which will be offered in conjunction the Chas Everitt International group training programme.”

Mampeule says the initiative will start in Johannesburg, before spreading its wings countrywide. In addition, he says, Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) exams will be sponsored by the foundation and successful candidates will be assisted to find positions with estate agencies.

Four South African major banking groups, Standard Bank, Nedbank, FNB and Absa have promised to fund the training programme, he said.

Since establishing his Midrand agency a year ago, Mampeule says the agency is now achieving an annual turnover of about R100-m. “We are currently marketing sectional and full title units in two new residential developments, one in Vorna Valley and another one in Halfway Garderns.”

“We are seeing healthy interest among investors across the board, and now offer monthly seminars to encourage further investment in property,” says Mampeule. “We invite property professionals to explain the benefits, such as sound returns, and have had a very good response – especially among black investors,” adds.

In addition, he says, property remains a good empowerment vehicle, whether through investment or working as an estate agent.